Pin your favourites

Love it? Pin it to your Start screen – people, apps, music and more.

Make it your own

Move and resize your Live Tiles and change colours to suit your fancy.


The Windows Phone Start screen makes sure you’re always caught up and plugged in – to your best friend’s texts, the time of your next meeting, the latest Groupon deals and whatever else you decide to pin there.

Live Tiles

These amazing little gems deliver automatic updates on what’s happening in your world.

Live Apps

A delightful innovation that puts the information you want on Start.


Hand over your phone without fear – Kid’s Corner only lets your little ones access the apps, games, videos and music you choose for them, so you can relax and let them play. They can open Kid’s Corner on their own, but your Start screen, apps and info will be protected by a password set by you. Now your child can play Angry Birds without emailing your angry boss.


Windows Phone makes it easy to stay in touch with the people you care about. In a couple of taps, you can start conversations (phone, text, IM, email, even Skype), check your social networking feeds, create contact groups and more.

People Hub

More than an address book, the People Hub also serves up your friends’ latest posts, tweets and photos (and lets you jump in on the thread).


Keep everyone in the loop – Rooms let you privately share a calendar, notes, photos and group chat with the people you invite.


Take a photo, do some quick edits, then share it by text, email, social networking or NFC – all without leaving the camera app. Plus you can automatically back up every photo you take to SkyDrive, so your pics will be safe and cosy in the cloud.


Photo apps, reimagined. Available for download in the Store, Lenses let you get creative in your camera’s viewfinder.

Photos Hub

The Photos Hub houses your collection, including online albums, and even shows a feed of your friends’ latest pics.


Use the Music + Videos Hub to listen to your tunes, watch videos, subscribe to podcasts and enjoy Smart DJ playlists based on the music you love. Add an Xbox Music Pass for unlimited access to millions of tracks you can download to your phone or stream from the cloud. You can sync your iTunes library with your phone too.


Start a Word doc or Excel spreadsheet on your PC, then sync it to SkyDrive as you head out the door. Then you can write or edit some more on your phone with Office Mobile – from the back of a taxi, the beach, wherever. SkyDrive makes it easy to share docs and edit them with another person too. And OneNote Mobile lets you take a quick note in a couple of taps (or even with your voice).


Windows Phone Store

More than 100,000 apps (and counting), each one certified by Microsoft to help protect against malware and viruses. Plus personalised app suggestions based on what you like.

Games Hub

The Games Hub is your on-the-go arcade. It’s also the place to dress up your avatar, message your Xbox friends and see how your scores and achievements measure up.



You can opt to see multiple accounts in one Linked Inbox – along with separate views for flagged, urgent or unread mail.


Messaging Threads switch seamlessly between text and chat in the same conversation, and you can attach photos, voice notes, your location and more.


Love sushi? Not so keen on curry houses? Your phone can learn your likes and dislikes to suggest places to eat, drink, shop or visit that are just right for you – along with local deals for things you’ll enjoy. You can connect Local Scout to Facebook to get results based on what your friends like too. Plus you’ll see reviews, opening times and other useful info.

More from Bing

Bing Search now has films, top headlines, local deals and more (along with the search results you’re looking for).

Bing Vision

Bing Vision scans QR Codes and text to search the web or even translate it with one tap (so useful when travelling).