A modern IDE that enables you to rapidly build mobile applications

Improve Productivity


A single environment for coding, debugging and publishing apps

Reduce Development Time


Leveraging the simplicity of JavaScript and cross-platform code reuse

Enable Developers


Eclipse-based IDE and JavaScript enables traditional and web developers to be mobile gurus


Titanium Studio simplifies the mobile development process, allowing community developers to rapidly build, test, package and publish mobile applications across multiple devices and operating systems. The resulting native applications perform and behave just like they were written in Objective-C (iPhone and iPad) or Java (Android phone and tablets) to deliver rich, immersive user experiences.

The Eclipse-based Studio IDE enables you to build compelling cross-platform, native mobile applications – all from a single code base. With 60%-90% code reuse, you can build applications for tablets, smart phones, smart TVs, faster and at lower cost than any other environment.

With integrated mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) capabilities, as well as on-device debugging and an MVC framework (Alloy), Titanium Studio is the most comprehensive mobile development platform.



  • Management of all projects in a single view
  • Development framework facilitates component reuse for app factory approach
  • Emulator and on-device debugging ensures high quality apps
  • Integrated with Titanium Cloud Services for building cloud-connected apps
  • One-click mobile app deployment
  • Advanced Code Assist


Traditional approaches use native development tools and languages for each mobile operating system/platform (e.g. iOS, Android, BlackBerry, etc.). This requires the management of multiple development projects and code bases which is both costly and complex. Titanium Studio provides a single development platform for each application across all mobile operating systems and devices.