Website Re engineering

web-re-engineering1This is a current trend to go in for innovation of a redundant website that fails to capture the viewer. Website re-engineering or reconstruction call for advanced tools and technology that are both easily accessible and affordable. The end function is to add charm the website and make it work to the optimum by looks as well as functionally. The exercise of website re-engineering calls for not just adding a better design but also other vital ingredients that make the website draw more traffic, resulting in more business. NISHTA SOLUTIONS has the keys for the successful operation of restructuring your website to haul in the customer with its various devices like gaining more visibility, attainment of ranking and standing high over the clutter. Website re-engineering redesign is just not a change of looks and goes far beyond a new look. Vital lessons learned from the performance or the lack of it of the earlier website provides ample guidance for restructure.


Website re-engineering starts with an initial assessment of the current website. NISHTA SOLUTIONS makes a study of the current state and the new proposals for implementation of the website re-engineering.  This involves the process of content shifting and other technical requirements like data migration.


NISHTA SOLUTIONS will put forward the business proposal for website re engineering considering the areas that need to be covered in the website along with new implementations. Details of tasks and the scope of application will form the agenda along with the cost factor for rework. Break up costs for fresh Content will be provided under new heads for extra features to the website.


Migration into new technology NISHTA SOLUTIONS upgrades existing programmes in the existing website for compatibility with new technology, products and elongates the life of any given website based on its website re-engineering techniques.


NISHTA SOLUTIONS provides multiple website re-engineering options for the graphic design, such as, usage of a commercial template, hiring graphic designers exclusively for the new website, retaining the existing website design with subtle changes only to the base programme. This helps with users who do not appreciate a major upheaval but would love an image boost.