E-Commerce Website Design / Development

Want to have a global presence?

Want to upgrade your sales strategy?

Or maybe you wish to cater to customers the most reliable and secured shopping gateway… Steer clear from all the hoopla and drive into Nishta Solutions.




Nishta Solutions is an accepted Ecommerce Web designing company catering to clients all over India. With more than five years of experience in the field, Nishta is now a pioneer in the industry offering a myriad of Ecommerce services that range from conceptualization to web hosting.

There’s an expansive plethora of Ecommerce developmental platforms available today which implies just a typical Ecommerce solutions won’t help you hit the marginal profit and increase conversions. Nishta is aware of the burgeoning of latest tools in the market and hence would make sure that your website is built with the latest technology thereby meet the challenging business strategies of today! We religiously follow one thumb rule: involving customer’s idea and concocting with our technology experts extorts the best result, and hence, we make sure each of our steps has a legitimate involvement of our customer’s views.

Whether you are seeking to optimize your existing Ecommerce Website design or build a new one, our seasoned team of professionals will equip you with an incredible Ecommerce solution that will eventually help you to orchestrate sales and increase the conversion ratio.

Also, we have our own custom Ecommerce content management system that helps manage your website with great efficiency. As a part of Ecommerce solution, you will be able to:

  • Add / edit or delete an unlimited number of products and product categories
  • Manage all products, product details, prices and postage
  • Upload images or videos for each product with a built in and easy to use image editor
  • Create offers using promotion codes
  • View detailed sales reports
  • Add / edit or delete an unlimited number of web pages
  • Add / edit or delete meta tags and meta descriptions for each individual product
  • Be able to offer cross-selling and up-selling opportunities
  • Provide the opportunity to compare products
  • View a detailed user statistics package


It is the difference between making a sale and losing profits. There are several reasons that customers abandon shopping carts. First, some retailers actually make it hard for customers to buy. Nearly 25% of users surveyed listed “difficult website navigation” as one of the major causes for not making a purchase. A whopping 56% of respondents said that they were blindsided by an unexpected cost during checkout and decided to shop elsewhere. Fixing this issue is simple. First, you need experts who are skilled in understanding what drives customers to buy. An ecommerce website development firm will have experience in creating sites that make checkout simple and straightforward. They will design a site with easy to use links, simple buttons and clear pricing. They will then use independent testers to navigate your site to ensure that you are maximizing your site’s profits.