Staff Augmentation Services

Staff-Augmentation-Services1As the competition in the world of business intensifies, there is an added pressure on many companies to increase productivity and to meet the project deadlines. It is common for most of the companies to experience periods during a project where there is more work than can be handled by internal staff and getting additional resources become inevitable to perform the work required within the specified timeframe. NISHTA SOLUTIONS can help by providing staff that can augment your internal resources abilities to handle the surges or periodic demands that your organization may come across during a project. Importantly wherever your company is located in INDIA, Yes we are there to support you.

We can help you manage fluctuating and changing staffing needs to meet your most aggressive project timelines. NISHTA SOLUTIONS’s consultants can work with you on-site or remote. Our consultants are highly qualified and possess the required certifications, experience and customer service skills to accommodate even the most unique environments. We offer technical and project management personnel for short and long-term engagements, projects, internal systems administration and technology delivery at every level throughout USA. NISHTA SOLUTIONS’s staffing is the perfect solution for your technology staff augmentation needs.

Clients choose NISHTA SOLUTIONS’s staff augmentation services for various reasons, including the quality, diversity and experience of our consultants, our time-to-market, our service quality and most importantly our unmatched costs over the short and long terms. And the best of us we cater to complete INDIA.

Our Staffing options include


Is your organization in need of extra help on a short-term basis? Yes we can help you add talent for specific IT needs, large projects or backlogs. This short-term tech assistance gives you a very dynamic and flexible team, enabling you to compete successfully in the market– and then scale back effortlessly when the workload subsides.


Is your IT department looking to fill a permanent position? Let us probe our network to find highly qualified candidates with the specific skill sets you need. Unlike most HR departments and staffing agencies, we specialize in tech people. Just say us what you are looking for and we’ll find them, getting them to work right away and saving you the time, hassles and expense of a job search.


NISHTA SOLUTIONS provides technical, professional and industrial recruiting and staffing solutions throughout INDIA.


  • Only pay for services when you need them
  • You have access to a large pool of consultants who are highly qualified and have diverse skill sets
  • Have fewer employee layoffs
  • Skills are available for major operating platforms, databases, languages, enterprise applications across industries
  • Meet changing business needs specifically by skill set
  • Consultants can be hired or removed on demand
  • Respond to changing market conditions with greater agility
  • Have happy, more secure employees with the expertise and passion to serve
  • We are happy to share that we serve the entire INDIA