Nishta Solutions – ERP Development Company In Coimbatore

erp-development1In the  current dynamic and evolving business landscape, enterprise solutions are scalable to help organizations access and manage information in real-time transaction processing between different departments within the organization. We are an established custom ERP development company that offers a complete ERP solution for your business. Our consultants work on all phases of the project from understanding the requirements to the designing architecture of application deployment.

We provide assessment and comprehensive solution for existing legacy applications. Our consultants are focused on the design of architecture which reduces maintenance costs, leverages the application performance and increase flexibility.

We develop custom ERP development applications for any type of business applications. Our methodology is to design system specifications and work flow, conduct a system study, bench testing and development, and customer sign-off in a real-time testing. With multiple deployment options and purchase, manufacturers can choose the model that meets their specific needs.


  • ERP Implementation and Gap Strategy
  • Configuration
  • Prototype Development
  • Customization
  • Migration
  • Interfacing and Integration
  • Documentation
  • Training
  • Implementation Monitoring

Built on an open flexible with modern, web-based user interfaces, service-oriented architecture, our scalable ERP solutions is locked into a state of action. We offer a variety of ERP solutions that help companies automate a wide range of components, design, implementation and cooperation in accordance with their unique business requirements. We offer a wide range of functionality to automate key manufacturing and financial processes, meet fluctuating demand and meeting customer requirements, and collaborate internally and externally to its supply chain, all at a low total cost. Lean production capabilities are integrated with our ERP solutions to reduce waste and increasing productivity, strong aftermarket service capabilities expedite service management.


  • ERP: Customer service team for continuous support
  • ERP: Location of the team for the localization and adaptation
  • ERP: Basis team Infrastructure
  • Training
  • Delivery of complementary products