About Us

It was October 28th, 2009 when Nishta solutions set its first footstep to earn a niche in IT solutions. Today Nishta is a pioneer in the industry and needs no introduction! Backed by a dedicated, seasoned and vivacious team of 20, the company offers a wide spectrum of services in the area of IT solutions.


Enthusiasm & Commitment

Two basic components that are vital to succeed are: Enthusiasm & Commitment. Our team is donned with both the characters so that we alleviate and pass through bottlenecks and win over the challenges.

Best in class dedicated team

Our best in class dedicated team is always ready to walk some extra miles for you so that we exceed your expectations and become an unmatched performer in the industry.


Collaboration is the main ingredient to drive a seamless management of business. Our team specializes in collaborating with in house members, clients, cross functional attributes and more so that we meet all ends of business perspective with utmost satisfaction.


One genre that we can surely boast of is Creativity. It is reflected in our work and that’s how we stand out of the crowd.


We have inculcated a niche in each of our domain. Our team of experienced professionals makes it sure that we excel in whatever we do and meet our goal with perfection.

Sense of Humor

We are serious about business. But this does not mean that we often portray serious countenance. We enjoy what we do. Fun at work keeps us energetic till the logout hours while a great sense of humour often gets us going through the toughest times.

Long Term retention

Not only our knowledge and skill is recalled over time and again, but we join hands together to walk through a long journey of ups and downs, high and low. Driven by long term retention quality, we envisage in bonding with clients till eternity.

Flexible work environment

Keeping in mind that an ideal working environment can make or break our endeavours, we strive to keep our work environment flexible. You can say this is one of our bold and thoughtful moves towards delivering a quality performance.



Teamwork and collaboration are two proven leadership skills that inspire and align others, form a part of our core values. We abide by the greatest underlining statement – a creative collaboration is achieved through sincere teamwork.


Our goals are articulated as we tend to determine and report regularly on our progress. We strive to understand and respond sincerely to our clients, shareholders, regulators, auditors and each other.


We strive to be congruent in our thoughts, words and deeds. For a seamless management of business, trust holds the most esteem position. We make sure that we always fall in the line of being trustworthy and be respected for the same.


Out of the box thinking

Thinking differently and coming out with the innovative ideas is the specialty of our team. Our views, ideas and solutions are out of the box that will make you grow as a business and stand out of the crowd as a name in the market!

Innovative & result oriented

We are a result oriented team who work relentlessly to come with the results that deserve applauds. We as a team never give up on exceeding through innovative ideas and make every step possible to make our clients happy though our performance.

Efficient execution

We expect the unexpected, sail through the toughest times with integrity and focus. We hold a strong belief in making every execution efficient even in the most resilient situation through our perseverance, knowledge and skill.

Proactive project management

We not only take accountability of our performance but also take every possible activity on our stride to control erroneous situation and come out with best results. Our true competency lies in proactive project management where we are not limited to respond to situations but extend all possible measures to overcome the state.

Solve complex business problems

We are not afraid of challenges; in fact, challenges extort the best from us. Solving complex business problems in not only our competency but passion as well because complexities bring with it superior and finest lessons to learn.