Your Mandated SEO Strategy

Your Mandated SEO Strategy

If you are still quizzed up on opting for the best SEO Strategy, then this is the perfect spot for the solution!

I don’t have a warning for you, and I don’t believe this is a glamorous or fast working strategy, But then you really need to work very hard in putting this strategy into practice.

So here, you are going to study and perceive what it takes to deploy an evergreen strategy (maybe not so long).

Right into the business, we see.

The centric factors, in other ways the key aspects that we aim through SEO are listed below,

1.) Brand Visibility

2.) High Traffic

3.) High ROI

4.) Lead Acquisition

While keep in this in mind, for the below briefed are the significant hurdles encountered during the course of SEO.

1.) Optimize your content for Voice Search

Voice search has got some worthy amount of 20% in searches. Having this in mind, we need to pick up the essential keywords and work in accordance to have an edge over this technology.

How are we going to solve this: According to Google’s report a significant amount of voice searches have always been a question, which reflects the keywords should be long tail keywords, it should be realistic and have commonly used sentences with the right combination of phrases and keywords. So make sure your page comprises of similar Questions and answers, owing to better voice search performance. Voice-based search tends to work more effectively in google featured snippets, hence have a keen look into this as well.

2). Using long tail keywords:

Long tail keywords tend to produce more conversion when compared with that of shorter keywords. The higher rate of conversion witnessed with the long tail keywords is largely due to the lower rate of competitiveness.

How are we going to solve this: By making use of certain important tools like AHrefs, SEMrush, and, LSI Graph. With the aid of these tools, we can perfectly grab some of the most accurate keywords. Owing to the low competitiveness, it is proven that the long tail keywords have a good click rate alongside reflecting a low CPC.

3) Mobile Indexing

It is evident that the Maximum number of searches have been performed through mobile owing to the widespread use of handheld devices. With Google’s transformation to the mobile-first search index, web pages nowadays are mandated to have the right-fit optimized layouts that render well with the mobile screens.

How are we going to solve this: We need to optimize our websites by attuning it to responsive designs. These Responsive designs will provide a better navigation, and this will, in fact, make the users stay longer on the site. Another better alternative will be to create Accelerated Mobile Page(AMP), wherein the page will load faster than the usual.

4.) Rank Brain

The Third most important ranking factor in Google – The Rank Brain interprets machine learning to produce the most relevant search results to Google Queries. Google, in turn, uses this algorithm to the core and decides upon which results should be displayed in accordance to the queries.

How are we going to solve this: To optimize search engines for the Rank brain, we just need to use Natural Languages alongside having some quality & engaging content.

So by now, you would have figured out what it takes to build a competitive SEO strategy, but then are you well-versed in deploying the same? If not, don’t panic, Nishta NextGen Solutions – your perfect Digital Marketing partner is just a call away to help you out. You can reach out to us [email protected] or give us a call to +91 9629182581.


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