Hashtag is the recent Buzz word in the social media trends.It is becoming a fashion affair thing. Believe it or not, hash tags have taken over the great heights in social media. Once forgotten Character has finally made a big hit. Hashtag has been dominated the social media world in recent years and has grown tremendously popular.

Uses Of # Tags

What Are Hashtags?

Why it is so viral in social media??

A hashtag is a keyword or phrase preceded by the hash symbol (#), that people include in their social media posts. So it makes the content of your post accessible to all people who shares the similar interests.

For Example: If the naive users is searching for “#Apple iphone7” search on any social network will open a dedicated news feed of all the latest deals, Offers any interesting news feed would be fetched. The results you see on the news feed are the aggregated posts of any users who use Apple IPhone. So hashtags are clickable links on posts you see and a mouse click will display a real time live feed of every other post tagged with the same hashtag.


Twitter is the very first social media platform where hashtags are still very prevalent. Twitter helps you deliver target brand messages by helping you organize your tweets. You can join in trending conversations that can be viewed on your twitter page.In this way you’ll be able to track hashtags to see which ones are most relevant with your audience.


The power of hashtags on Instagram can help you increase your reach eventually leading to an increment in the network of influential brand followers.

If you want to make your photos more discoverable, you can employ hashtags. It’s better if you use at least one hashtag per photo to maximize share of the photo.


Hashtag craze all began on Facebook on June 2013 but it hasn’t really worked great for them. Facebook provides a unique URL for every hashtag and by clicking on one will redirect you to its feed. But now it took off the journey and hitting the Right’s Bull eye.


On Pinterest, hashtags in account descriptions, board titles, board descriptions or profile names aren’t clickable. The only place where you can click and search the specific hashtags are in a Pin’s description.


In case of Google+, when users click on a hashtag, the search results page includes the original hashtag as well as the posts with similar tags and keywords. Hashtags on Google+ makes it easier for people to discover the right content and searches , even if they are outside your circle.

How do Hashtags helps?

Using the hashtag you can make the post more visible to anyone who shares the similar Interest. So you will be no longer limited to your followers, your content is now accessible to all other users who shares the similar interests. Hashtags helps you to increase the Brand awareness and Facilitate greater Engagement. Through hash tags you can also get to know what your targeted customers are interested in. They help in Building relationships by helping your Brand get connected and can be able to Interact with the Target audiences. In turn increases the Brand Loyalty.


It is good to choose the right Hashtags that broadens the reach of the Brand or Businesses that would reach to thousands of followers, fans and customers. And similarly restrict the over usage of the hash tags. Make sure you use maximum of two hashtags per post. Too many usage of hashtags in social media posts will leave the Impression that you are spamming the followers.

Hashtags usage while promoting the Brand or Business can really work wonders if it is used in the Effective way. It can go viral and hit the Right’s bull eye and it would reach more eye ball of the prospects. Try experimenting with the Mini-malistic usage of hashtags in social media as these are really powerful tools that connect with potentially thousands or even millions of target audiences globally.