Top 7 e-commerce SEO trends you should start adopting today!

Ecommerce websites are designed to drive more traffic. But, did you know you can also drive better traffic to specific product pages? With ecommerce SEO, marketers are turning efforts into sales rapidly. With the evolution of new technologies, insights and best practises, the ecommerce marketers are adopting these changes to stay ahead of competition.

We at Nishta Solutions, we practise the best SEO marketing tactic to keep our clients ranked as No. 1 and here we present to few ecommerce SEO practises that you should start following.

Out-of-the-box SEO:

SEO technologies are evolving just as fast rate as the search engines that inspire them. The third party apps, tool webmasters and widgets are proving to be beneficial and improve results with minimal manual input.

There are few SEO solutions that can be collaborated with template web design industry which allows webmasters to ensure on-site optimization as soon as the site is launched. For example, the WordPress plugins which automatically handle few SEO services reducing the burden of the webmasters.

Though there are few SEO tools like Yoast SEO that can automate few SEO practises, you still need to customize things manually like title tags, rich snippets, navigation and so on.

Long form content:

Until very recently, ecommerce websites used to have very short form contents like title, brief descriptions, photos and customer reviews. However, search engine favouritism has urged webmasters to shift the paradigm to long form content.

Long form contents offer more detail and conversational phrases which typically can lend themselves to popular search queries. This also helps businesses rise above the gruelling competition that ecommerce sites are right now imposing at global sphere.


Social Media has changed the face of internet that it used to be five years back! Marketers too agree that there is a positive ROI generating from social media marketing. While Facebook still leads the social media network line up, the younger networks like Instagram and SnapChat are slowly developing into major hits.

Social Media offers one of the best ways to improve primary and secondary ranking signals and hence social sharing throughout shopping & check out is highly encourage.

Video Content:

With Wi-Fi availability being expanding, mobile devices are getting cheaper and in-fashion, video sharing going viral, video contents are fast lane to online proliferation. YouTube videos serve as rich media for search results and are more potential to become viral than any other media – meaning your online presence is really going abuzz!

If your blogs aren’t containing any videos now, it’s high time that you should get moving.

Mobile optimizations:

Google’s Mobilegeddon update makes mobile optimization absolutely imperative but that said, meeting Google’s mobile optimization guidelines is not enough to beat the mobile visibility race.

Mobile optimization is all about enhancing user experience. App optimization is the latest buzz word which Google is highly encouraging! Hence ecommerce businesses must now focus on app developments in order to survive in this cut-throat competition.

Voice search and digital assistants:

More businesses are now coming up with voice search which take the advantage of extraordinary feats from Google Now, Siri, Cortana and Alexa. Savvy ecommerce websites are capitalizing on this techno-trend offering colloquial phrasing, better optimization for long-tail phrases and other rich answers that these digital assistants can help you with.

Local SEO:

Local SEO has experienced few overhauls in the recent past, and it’s possible that new advances (like wearable tech) will build the significance of local results much better.

E-commerce organizations often don’t consider a local strategy, since they work on a global level and hence try to focus on a global audience. In any case, local results will help them focus on more relevant niche market which otherwise wouldn’t been possible with global marketing strategies.

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