There are some smashingly hit SEO tools in the market that are driving SEO job amazingly efficient and are making results. Here comes 6 new popular SEO tools from the desk of the best SEO services in Coimbatore that you should be aware of right now.


A very simple and free application from the pre-eminent minds of BinaryPlex, helps you bring onto the screen a detailed timeline of the Twitter account that it is plugged into.

How is it useful? helps you in relationship building with new contacts, find topics for content creation or linkbait and/or determining the impact of an individual on rankings/clicks via their account.

Raven tools:


Raven tools have nearly half a dozen of SEO features and facilities combined to give you all SEO related features under one roof. Few features include:

  • Site Auditor: You can get a detailed analysis of on-site SEO that encompass search engine visibility, content, page speed, images, schema, links and more.
  • Keyword Ranking: Generate keyword rankings on leading Search Engines like Google and Bing.
  • Link Manager: It helps monitor link quality and organize link building campaign by grouping, tagging and sorting links.
  • Site Finder: It helps you track the highest ranking websites for a particular keyword for finding outreach and linking opportunities.

The tool also provide unique dashboard that helps you manage all social media accounts, analyze effectiveness and plan campaigns through one screen.

  • Integrate all Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts and view all activities through one dashboard.
  • Post, schedule updates, reply and comment from one dashboard.
  • Assign tasks to team with deadlines
  • Securely manage login details with Persona Manager.
  • Monitor brand mentions on social media, blogs and discussion forums.
  • View metrics and insights

Advanced Web Ranking:

Advanced Web Ranking

With over 20,000 happy clients worldwide, AWR is one of the most popular SEO tools companies are adopting today.

Features of AWR include:

  • Monitor rankings for hundreds of keywords and get notified whenever ranking changes.
  • Generate white labelled reports that your clients can access via browser or FTP.
  • Detailed Analytics on web traffic
  • Insightful keyword research to help you adopt keywords that are potential to drive more traffic.
  • Detailed and comprehensive SEO Audit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Back link analysis and anchor text distribution
  • Advanced Social Media Monitoring

Traffic Travis:


TT comprise of a set of tools under a simple layout with proper instructions on how to use them. The best part is – it’s FREE! The Pro version is also there which is extremely affordable and offers a set of comprehensive features for your entire SEO work.

Features include:

  • Set up separate projects for all websites you would like to monitor.
  • Keyword Ranking Analysis for Google and Bing.
  • Aggressive competitor analysis.
  • Analysis of top ranking sites.
  • Keyword Suggestion for PPC and SEO campaigns.
  • Generate unlimited SEO reports

Cognitive SEO:


A very user friendly SEO analytic tool, the Cognitive SEO offers search metrics and spotting penalized websites.

Few features include:

  • Identify historic penalties for any website
  • Do Competitor analysis
  • Watch out for potential future risks
  • Outreach to new clients based on historic performance
  • Add SEO Visibility to dashboard
  • PDF and Page Customization facilities

Tools are meant to reduce your work increasing efficiency and driving best results. The list above guarantees you a good time SEO for yourself and clients. Our SEO services in Coimbatore are dedicated to reap the best results in terms of sales and visibility and these tools are proven by our team themselves. If you have any suggestion on SEO tools further, do comment us below!