The mobile app development industry is exploding. Now, what is primarily fuelling this explosion? – an extraordinary experience! Experiences are refining every day with technologies that are ground breaking and intriguing. Here are few top technologies that every mobile development company should start adopting today!


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Beacon and More:

The iBeacon is making a buzz since quite a time. A great boon for customers and businesses, the iBeacon technology is helping customers and businesses connect through geo-positioning.

For instance, if a person moves to an unknown location and is unaware of nearest restaurant, the iBeacon will help him trace the nearest restaurant with other relevant information like nearest ice cream parlours, cafeteria etc.

This isn’t just helping a growling tummy to find food but also a business to find his customer. Businesses can detect where the customers are and devise planning to help them accordingly.



Big Data Integration:

Mobile applications are being adopted as primary way of business for every company. With this adoption, one thing that is driving businesses really crazy with is “data”. Mobile apps are creating massive data. To handle this massive data growth, businesses are now integrating big data analytics into mobile applications. A virtual architecture is more widely adopted to manage datasets of mobile data. Companies, therefore, need to find solution that would help them do analytics on these data sets without bothering much on cost, flexibility and storage. Cloud is one such solution.

Big Data Integration

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Cloud Based Technology:

Cloud is helping mobile apps function better. Cloud based mobile apps have smaller sized memory which makes both memory and bandwidth issues management easier. Also it helps user sync their apps with various smart devices making them highly independent of the type of smart phone being used.


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Internet of Things:

IoT has caused a stir globally since its inception a couple of years ago. For mobile apps, it is perhaps the most anticipated technology of all times. As people are gradually getting depended on multiple devices for connectivity, IoT comes into picture playing instrumental role in the effectiveness of connectivity.

As mobile apps mature and get accessed via various devices, IoT offers lot of opportunities to help mobile app development companies to develop apps in a way to cater customers better.




Given that there are ground breaking technologies waiting to boom the mobile app world with functionalities and efficiency, it is high time for the developers to start adopting these technologies today.

At Nishta Next Gen IT Solutions, we had been integrating these technologies into our mobile apps since quite a time now seeing people really enjoy and benefiting out of it.

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