One who has been into Digital Marketing will surely make out the thin line between Engagement and Involvement. Both the terms might just look similar, but, hey, they have differences. So, you must identify the difference fast so that your road map to reach the pinnacle of Engagement and/or Involvement is smoother and faster. So, come take a ride with us, the Digital Marketing Company in Coimbatore, to the diversion between Engagement & Involvement.internet marketing nishta coimbatore

Engagement Marketing:

The end goal of engagement marketing is to indulge customers into a prolong discussion in the form of sharing, commenting and liking your posts in social media. This helps shape the image of Brand.  This type of marketing is done to engage people on different posts published by the brand on various social media networks. Though the subject matter can be altered based on incoming comments, the original message remains to be shared…

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Engagement instills trust and loyalty in potential customers and boost brand awareness to a much higher level.

Tips for great engagement marketing:


  • Put Social Media buttons in your website so that people might easily connect with you.
  • Post contents that put viewers into asking questions to you. Answer incoming questions fast and let the loop of Q&A fall into a cycle.
  • Ask questions to fans and followers and encourage all the answers by liking them or sharing short replies.
  • Post pictures of events, staffs in office or thank a fan or follower on active participation through posts in different networks.


Involvement Marketing:

In involvement marketing, the customer himself becomes a part of brand message. He unknowingly becomes brand ambassador and pulls people from his friend circle into the brand awareness campaign – all unknowingly.


For example – Doritos recently asked its followers to take short videos with a Doritos pack and post it on the brand page. The one whose video was most compelling had chances to be featured on air.


The campaign went incredibly successful with millions of videos pouring in just few weeks. Here all customers endorsed for the brand and thus were actively involved for brand awareness program. This is involvement marketing.

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Involvement marketing is superior to engagement marketing in terms of sales and footfalls. Reason: it generates deeper connection between customer and brand.

Lays: exemplifying the use of both

No one just can’t beat lays in drawing millions of attention each year, using both the marketing strategies… The campaign asks people to submit their loved flavors for lays each year. People start pouring in ideas in thousands every day and this goes on until lays pauses at one time to declare three winners with most exotic ideas of flavor. This is involvement marketing.

Next they publish their latest flavors online and ask people to vote for their favorite flavors. This is Engagement Marketing. So, we see how both marketing genres can draw huge crowd and generate great sales faster than any other form of marketing. Want to get more flavors of marketing? Log on to the best digital marketing company of Coimbatore, Nishta and taste the digital success.